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Another NejiHina oneshot, actually based off one of the prompts in the list that was posted up here a while ago~ Please review and enjoy.

Title: Sharpness and Sweetness
Rating: G
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: NejiHina
Theme: Humble
Warnings: None
Summary: Neji thinks on humility, and the only thing in his life able to give it to him.

Sharpness and Sweetness

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InfoTaken CharactersApply

In another world, much like the Narutoverse, Orochimaru had similar ambitions. This included living forever and learning every jutsu he could. However in this world Orochimaru completed a time travel jutsu, or so he thought.

Calling all RPers, new and old! We're looking for new faces, but especially for the following chars: IC Ino, IC Kabuto, IC/OOC Gai, IC/OOC Shino, IC/OOC Temari, IC/OOC Hiashi/Hizashi (The Hyuuga whores are a callin' for ya) and any Sound shinobi.

Yes, we have IC (in character/canon) and OOC (out of character) applications!

We're a fun and active rp that has been going on since November. Our campaign is serious with a spice of crack and fun. Our community is very Akatsuki friendly with a large number of characters already in existance. The game is current up to Chapter 230 of the manga, in which will start the characters new paths. Come join us!

Image by Aida-chan and Sasu-chan of the community.

(( HAY. So, liek, you guys have great taste in pairings and I've love to see ya here, if'n ya want~ *heartsandhuggles* We're accepting of any kinna incest or ANY other pairing you guys want to do, be it het, yaoi or yuri... Actually, we need some yuri~! XD Really got nothing more to add, soooo... *quits being a whore now* :3 ))
Ahaha, contest voting. Voting voting voting~

Vote for one from the May-June contest:
Shoeythought's entry
Miiko_ashida's entry

All you need to do is vote with the name of the person you'd like to win. All comments are screened. Voting starts today, 11/14, and will end 11/21. BUT. I will not be here when its ended to announce the winner until the 25th or so. :)

Unless someone volunteers to make something for the winner (which you can do here or the contest post), when I announce who it is, they can ask of me a certain pairing or person to draw. It doesnt have to be inter_clan related.

Remember to submit for the November-December contest!
Hello all. :D We live!

And here Im wondering if that exclimation point should be a question mark.

Well, before I get around to catching up on the contests and making posts for them, do tell me if any of you are feeling alive enough to vote, nya?

Oh, and here-- Art [Yoshino and Shikamaru. Worksafe. dA link]
Hey, I'm trying to introduce myself...
My name is Lyz or Lyz Lyrie (in some cases it's Tsunade-hime...)
Well, I'm a girl from germany, who would like to offer some writing and maybe some art... u.u
I came here because of the Sandcest community, which tells you my favorite pairing...
and well... I like ItaSasu and NejiHina and yeah... that's almost it. ^^
I will start working for this community in a few days... yoroshiku. ^^

Here be a Neji/Hanabi/Hinata picture, set in the future. The original looks so much better... *sigh* But it's okay, I suppose. Yay for OT3s. :D

Pic be here~Collapse )

Enjoy~ ^_^
I drew the pic first... I kinda wish I had drawn Hinata in there too, but it's good as is. =3

Title: Congrats (both fic and pic XD)
Author/Artist: Scorpio_kym
Pairing: Neji/Hanabi
Rating: G. Maybe PG for the incest but, um... Hello? *points to the comm we're all in* XD
Warnings: None but the ever-slightest mention of possible incest. Really is a fluff piece. Though... XD I give props to whoever gets the inside joke on the last line. XD!

And without further ado~Collapse )

As always, enjoy~! And please don't tease me for forgetting Neji's durned seal... ^^;;; ;D

Because I have no idea where else to put this post...
Information for characters on this post was supplied by wikipedia.

This post is not finalized, and whenever a new clan/family/etc. pops up, I'll be sure to put it on as I find it.

What we'd like to seeCollapse )

What we DONT want to seeCollapse )

Other than that, almost anything else goes! If there is something that anyone feels the need to add, feel free to leave a comment [all are screened because Im paranoid like that] and I'll take it into consideration.

Title: Liquid Skies
Author: bubble
Pairings: NejiHina, SasuHina
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU. The ocean is charismatic and alluring, but one girl managed to elude its attraction with some daunting qualms. The boy with the similar eyes promised to help her.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

( Liquid Skies )

Title: Love Laws
Pairing: Gaara/Temari
Summary: “There are laws about how a brother and a sister should love,” she suddenly whispered.  (There is completeness in her gaze, in the way she sees him)
Author: fringe_x1
Rating: hard PG13 (T), soft R (M)to be safe
Warnings: very light sex scene, incest
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto or any of its characters. The title comes from a phrase in The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. And although I wrote this story, it really belongs to _acerbitas_, because it’s a seriously overdue present to her because she is amazing =D

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