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A Naruto College Alternate-Universe Roleplay...
★Last Stretch

There's a time in every persons life where they decide their next path. The first half of life is long since gone leaving them stranded and confused. What do they do with themselves now that the fun and games are over? Do they have their act together enough to take the next step and not plunge under when there's no nest to fall back in? That leap is a risky one for those that have adulthood on the horizon. For some, it's long since gone and past; already set sail on this messy voyage we call life. Some are virgin to that sweet air of maturity and have yet to meet that vengeance that comes on full throttle when bad decisions are made.

It's called growing up.

With it comes issues of many sizes. Conflicts, joy, agony, and love. It's where people find themselves. Make themselves. And plant a mark for all to know that they were there. That they grew and left that child they once were behind. This is where real life begins and childhood is left long behind.

This is the last stretch.

★To Reel You In

"It's an everyday Naruto AU Roleplay..."

Scary right? No horror backgrounds. No mysterious multi-dimensional worlds to be seen. This roleplay would seem to be a simple AU. A Naruto college/life AU. Now why would this be so special? What would set it apart? Why would one take their time to sit down and become part of this game...?

For starters... it's open to all changes. An everyday Naruto AU. Where everything is based on the players alone. Where the plot changes on their whim and where you, as the player, decide the fate of your character. There's no destined place to go, no storyline to try and comprehend. You build it yourself through interaction and character relationships. Through drama and angst and all those frivolous things. The storyline is neverending and the possibilities are endless.

So what will it be? You can create a past and future your your character by building relationships and a future through them. Through college or any other sort of career path, they will live they're lives with whatever may come their way. In this AU, nothing is decided. Your creativity is what changes this communities plot on a whim. An everyday Naruto Alternate Universe Roleplay. Do you want to be a part of this unwritten story?
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